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Prospero, formerly the Duke of Milan, lives on a deserted island. Years earlier, he had been overthrown from the throne through an intrigue by his brother Antonio and left in a boat on the open sea. As if by a miracle, he and his daughter Miranda escaped to this island.

Here he has built a new world and rules unrestrictedly over beings and spirits, such as Caliban, the air spirit Ariel or the natives of the island. One day Prospero sights the fleet of the King of Naples Alonso, which also includes his brother Antonio and the king's son Ferdinand. With Ariel's help, he unleashes a storm that capsizes and strands her. Thanks to this staged shipwreck, Prospero is now back in a position of power: he has the chance for late revenge or reconciliation - and pulls all the threads of fate together again.

The Tempest of 1611 is one of William Shakespeare's final works and his ultimate creation myth, which sees the theater as a symbolic island of possibility. The exceptional situation becomes an experiment for a new beginning: What would I do if I were king? Shakespeare playfully touches on topics such as power and oppression, exploitation and appropriation, nature and civilization.

Jakob Nolte's Access is a special new translation that goes through the Old English original word for word. A fantasy language emerges that is decoded through melody and sound and is as enchantingly strange as the inhabitants of that island.

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Additional information
Participating artists
William Shakespeare (Autor/in)
Jan Bosse
Wolfram Koch (Prospero)
Linn Reusse (Miranda, Gonzalo)
Lorena Handschin (Ariel)
Julia Windischbauer (Caliban, Antonio)
Tamer Tahan (Alonso, Trinculo)
Jeremy Mockridge (Ferdinand, Stephano)
Carolina Bigge (Live-Musik)