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The participatory concert

Discover music with the little sound. Musical fun for the whole family! Sing along, play along, clap along, dance along - or simply watch and listen. Everything is possible when "Der kleine Ton", the main character from the children's book of the same name with accompanying music album by Loretta Stern and Bela Brauckmann, invites you to a concert.

On stage, this playful creature interested in new sounds is played by 13-year-old Karline Klemm, who also sang the album's title track and lent his voice to Little Sound in the audio version.

After several extremely enjoyable rounds on the studio stage, it's now time for the big hall - where there's even more room for movement! Because, of course, Loretta and Bela will once again provide plenty of dancing and rhythmic fun with the "Pennytones" from the YouTube videos of the same name from their multimedia music experience world formichistdasmusik.

In addition, the cheerful construction worker is certainly making noise in all the wrong places again, and pianist Gunter Papperitz (Bela's Sing Dela Sing colleague) is really hitting the keys. Not for nothing is the motto of the little sound: "2, 3, 4... Here should happen today what ...".

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