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To "tweak" or "strum" the lute were terms for striking the gut strings with the fingers. The German lute players of the Renaissance, highly respected musicians at the time, were known for their virtuoso playing of "dänze, priameln and intavolierungen". The lute as the "queen of instruments" had a high status at the German court, which is why the then new and expensive methods of printing were used to have several books with tablatures for the lute printed in order to spread them throughout Europe.

GRAFIK MUSIKNOTEN © visitBerlin, Illustration Klio Karadim

Max Hattwich has studied these books and created a concert program from them to present an insight into the musical world of the German Renaissance.

Works by Hans Judenkönig (1450-1526), Hans Newsidler (1508-1563), Melchior Newsidler (1531-1591), Matthäus Waissel (1540-1602) and Sebastian Ochsenkun (1521- 1574).

The Berlin lutenist Max Hattwich will perform his solo program "Der Deutsche Lautenschläger". Max Hattwich received a scholarship from the German Music Council for the realization of the project with funds from the Neustart Kultur Fonds.

Admission: free - donations requested
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