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Moderation: Arnulf Rating

"You're crazy my child, go to Berlin, where the crazy people are, that's where you belong." That was the hit song almost a century ago that carried the pulse of this city to the outside world.

KEY VISUAL Der Blaue Montag

Is Berlin that crazy again today? Or is it just the government that has moved here? And if they are crazy here: what are they crazy about? And where is this taking place?

DIE WÜHLMÄUSE becomes a meeting place for explorers: in the show DER BLAUE MONTAG the originals of all scenes of the big city jungle as well as artists of all varieties gather on one stage with stars who are guest performers in Berlin. Literary figures, comedians, singers, satirists, acrobats, life artists, slam poets, stars and eccentrics; people come to talk who have something to say or who are talked about.

For a few minutes each of them has the opportunity to meet us, to inspire, to provoke. The chance to become a star or to shine as such.Berlin is a magnet for cultures and lifestyles. Contrasts are the invigorating elixir here. Here, styles and attitudes come together in a way that is seldom seen before.

As the only German city in which reunification happened, as a government metropolis and trendy hotbed, the traditional "Schnauze mit Herz" stronghold is a great showcase for talented types, artists and original personalities.Sometimes on Monday they are all so free. There they have outlet. They make the Monday blue with us and pack something of the symphony of this big city in a tempo-charged, beautiful and weird show.

The whole thing is presented and selected by cabaret artist Arnulf Rating and the Maulhelden team, musically mixed up and accompanied by changing bands.

A city revue live, which also tracks down what otherwise only insiders and experts find. On Blue Monday, a two-hour entertainment show with an always fresh program is created as a lively infobox of culture:THE BLUE MONDAY AT THE WÜHLMÄUSEN

(Program in German)

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Die Wühlmäuse
Die Wühlmäuse
Die Wühlmäuse