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Tango Chanson Evening

An evening of dazzling elegance: Miguel Levin, the internationally renowned artist of Berlin tango and chansons, takes you into a world of Argentine tango and classic German cabaret. He weaves memories, emotions and experiences from Buenos Aires and Berlin into a mischievous work of art.

Levin interprets tangos and chansons by greats such as Piazzolla, Brecht, Castillo, Weill, Ferrer, Hollaender, Troilo, Knef, Laurenz, Balz, Blázquez, Jary and many others.

Four decades ago, Miguel Levin started his stage career at the Terzo Mondo in West Berlin. Greek actor, poet and restaurateur Kostas Papanastasiou opened the doors to the young Argentine and invited him to perform at Terzo Mondo.

On the occasion of this stage anniversary, Miguel Levin returns to the Terzo Mondo to give a series of concerts.

  • Artistic Interpretation: Miguel Levin
  • At the piano: Marcelo Royo
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