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Bach cantatas on the eve of Eternal Sunday

The Samaritan chamber choir is presenting two cantatas today: by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) “From the depths I call, Lord, to you” and “My breath is weak” by Johann Ernst Bach (1722-1777).

Samaritan Chamber Choir

  • Ensemble Anna Magdalena
  • Greta Bänsch, soprano
  • Sabine Eyer, alto
  • Volker Nietzke, tenor
  • Bert Temme, bass
  • Daniel Clark, organ
  • Management: Martina Kürschner

Works performed:

  • Johann Sebastian Bach, Cantata BWV 131, "From the depths I call, Lord, to you"
  • Johann Ernst Bach, cantata “My breath is shaky”, premiere Berlin-Friedrichshain