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Get ready for a fantastic evening of soul, funk and jazz! The exceptional singer Denice Brooks makes the ZigZag jazz club glow!


Denice Brooks is one of the most amazing American singers currently living in Europe. Her incredible vocal versatility has made her one of the busiest artists in her profession. The fact that she is the only singer Prince gave his blessing to record a cover version of Purple Rain speaks volumes. She has toured Germany, the rest of Europe, the Middle East and South Africa, where she sang for Nelson Mandela. She shines as a musical singer as well as a solo artist on stage, in the studio and on television. She has collaborated with Tina Turner, Roy Ayers, David Bowie, Nancy Wilson, Natalie Cole, Aretha Franklin and many others. For this exclusive groove fireworks Denice has assembled a fantastic band with the crème de la crème of the Berlin jazz world, who will bring Friedenau to a boil. Reserve your tickets now before this fantastic show is sold out!

The pianist Lionel Haas, born in Bonn in 1971, has been playing the piano since the age of 9. After a stay of 4 years in Washington DC he has made himself at home in Berlin since 1999. Besides his trio, quintet and octett formations, he is working as one of the most sought after sidemen of the Berlin jazz scene. He is effortlessly at home in different styles of jazz and proves himself an ever increasingly, highly virtuosic soloist with a passionately strong blues feeling again and again.

Being the son of a musician, Steve Nanda started his introduction to jazz in his early teens. He started playing at gigs and festivals from the ripe age of 15 and continued his music career from there. At 16, he won Yamaha’s Best Asian Drummer award which also led his band to win The Best Asian Band award. He started working with Michael Veerapen, who gave him (and continues to) the opportunity to explore various musical genres and settings. He is currently pursuing his studies in Jazz and Pop in Mainz, Germany.

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