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Support: Priest & Opener: Liv Sin

Formed from the remnants of bands Dissection and Swordmaster a good 20 years ago, Deathstars' high-energy rock 'n' roll shows have represented Scandinavian deathglam like no other band. The band has won band awards such as the prestigious Hammer's Golden Gods Award, completed arena tours with the likes of Korn, and toured the world on and off

Now Swedish industrial metallers Deathstars are back with a new record. Everything Destroys You is the first release in almost nine years. The long-awaited comeback brings everything that defines Deathstars: bombast and dystopia, party night and horror, sex and glam. The musical spectrum ranges from electric, lightning-fast highways full of fun, action and adrenaline to darkness and deep black humor. And they're back in full force. The return of Cat Casino Bäckman on rhythm guitar can be clearly felt in the powerful sound.

"The new album is a sprawling effort and feels well calibrated in tracing the band's world over the years," says shouter Whiplasher Bergh. While very progressive in its own loud way, the new album stays true to their vision and distinctiveness. Unmistakably Deathstars.

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