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Haunted Churches 2024 Tour

Now it's finally out, the sixth solo album "Drive It Like It's Stolen" by Dave Heimat. The new songs combine everything that makes the music of the singer of The Loved Ones. The ten tracks reflect the urgency, passion, truth and harsh reality of life today as well as the occasional burst of joy that interrupts it.

The Philadelphia-born songwriter's tracks have always detailed his personal traumas and triumphs against the backdrop of an unforgiving capitalist environment, linking personal experiences to societal forces.

"Drive It Like It's Stolen" is as serious and heartfelt, raw and real as anything he has written before. But there's also a significant difference: here, Heimat tells fictional stories to sing about what he calls "post-apocalyptic Americana" — the post-pandemic, divided, troubled USA.

This disturbing, apocalyptic quasi-reality of the album's lyrics is picked up and amplified by the music. Even if some of the songs deal with impressions that Heimat took away on tour, it's more the case that the father and family man doesn't want to tell true stories this time.

"My life is becoming less and less interesting. I want to be consistent, practice baseball, or take my kids to gymnastics. I don't want to stare into the abyss all the time trying to determine my existential weight. I don't want my life to be fodder for songs - I want it to be my creativity."

It succeeded and the record is as real as real life. In January Dave Hause plays a wonderful acoustic concert in an intimate atmosphere in Berlin on his big tour of Germany.

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