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"Someone will get to know our body.

Szene aus "DAS MÄDCHEN MIT DER PRINGLES DOSE" © Daniel Nartschick

Someone is going to touch it. Someone will pass judgment."

Elisabeth Pape has written a theater text dedicated to the topic of eating disorders. The production deals with the problems of pathological eating disorders, body ideals and the dynamics of social networks like Instagram.

Who do I want to be? What do I want to look like? What is healthy? What is sick? Why have I become sick? Where does the growing pressure to adapt and self-optimize lead us? All these and many other questions are addressed in the evening.

"I first noted my weight, started restrictively limiting my food intake and exercising. I felt like I was modeling a new person. I felt wonderfully energetic until everything eventually got out of hand. I fought that battle against my body."

Musically, students contrast the text with songs from musicals (Bare, City of Angels, Kinky Boots, Mean Girls, Once, Spring Awakening, The Life, The Wiz, and others), music by Bach and Schubert, and pop songs. With this evening we introduce ourselves with our idea of a contemporary, socially relevant musical.

Production: Mathias Noack

Musical direction: Johannes David Wolff

Choreography: Anne Retzlaff

Costumes: Johannes Jaruraak (costume design course)

With: Tara Friese, Laura Goblirsch, Nathan Johns, Fabio Kopf, Anna-Sophie Weidinger

Please note the current regulations for visitors of events in the pandemic operation of the UdK Berlin

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UNI.T (Theater der UdK Berlin)
UNI.T (Theater der UdK Berlin)
UNI.T (Theater der UdK Berlin)