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A Post-Renaissance Comedy

A young company of actors eager to experiment discovers an almost forgotten play from 17th century England: THE NECKBAND by John Vanbrugh. Does it still have something to say today, or is it best left in the twilight of oblivion?

KEY VISUAL Das Halsband - Eine Post-Renaissance-Komödie
KEY VISUAL Das Halsband - Eine Post-Renaissance-Komödie © Burkhard Neie

The ensemble has only one way to decide this question. The piece must be rehearsed. With the passion for playing and pretending, the joy of the techniques of the métier, the feeling for the depth of the situations and the effect of the words, all together create the living relief of the play.

Their adventurous experience gives us a glimpse into Vanbrugh's specially created microcosm. A caricature of a middle-class world unfolds. The characters blossom like commedia dell'arte types without losing their real grounding and expose the dark side of bourgeois existence with gusto and cunning: the threat of a lack of money. In the process, the title-giving necklace becomes a symbol for material possessions. It is first declared lost, then secretly pawned, stolen, passed on through blackmail, and only reappears when it is to be sold again to its rightful owner. In this materialistic round dance, it is revealed that everyone is willing to pervert any natural relationship for the sake of possession.

A Comedy of Wits and Manners, an English-style commedia, brilliant, sharp, and pitch-black. The humor and clear, sharp eye of the Renaissance lives on in this rediscoverable work by John Vanbrugh, a much-performed author in his native land.

(Program in German)

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Participating artists
John Vanbrugh (Autor/in)
Johanna Asch
Svea Bein
Declan Burski
Julian Sinclair Jäckel
Paul Simon Kemner (Puppenspieler)
Ivy Lißack
Jacqueline Macaulay
Matthias Redekop (Puppemspieler)
Manal Raga a Sabit
Daniel Warland
Renaissance-Theater Berlin
Renaissance-Theater Berlin
Renaissance-Theater Berlin
Renaissance-Theater Berlin