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The 19th summer family theater series enchants with the best adventures from five popular books by Sven Nordqvist, with funny music, lots of acting fun and poultry in love!

from 04.07. - 03.09.2023 | Duration: Before and after the holidays at 10:30 a.m. approx. 65 minutes without a break, otherwise approx. 80 minutes including a break

Findus wants to celebrate his birthday with a birthday pancake cake, but everything goes wrong: first Prillan and Soffi-Moffi don't give out any eggs, and then flour is missing. So I quickly cycled to the miller, but the tire is flat. Neighbor Gustavsson not only happens to bring an air pump with him, but also his imaginary rooster Caruso. He keeps crowing, which makes the hen girls very happy.

Findus freaks out: the 'rubber eagle' has to go in the soup pot and the birthday cake on the table!

When a hungry fox roams the area, everyone demands a solution from Pettersson.

(Program in German)