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with Nils Philippi, scientific trainee at the architecture collection

During the Cold War, remarkable large buildings were erected in West Berlin as new locations for science, education and culture.

These include the International Congress Center (ICC Berlin, 1973-1979), the former Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology (1969-1974) and the former Central Animal Laboratories of the Free University of Berlin in Lichterfelde ("Mice Bunker", 1971-1981) as well as the Steglitzer "Beer Brush".

If these buildings once stood for the belief in progress of their time, they are now, neglected for years and now technically outdated, often threatened with demolition. Scientists, cultural workers and politicians, who value the architecture as impressive evidence of Western technological modernity, are increasingly opposed to this. The aim of the exhibition is to make visible the current efforts and debates to preserve and revitalize this historical and cultural heritage.

Please register in the foyer before the tour begins. Reservations in advance are not possible.

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