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Three of the best slam poets in the country meet at the Comedy Slam Berlin to read their funniest texts into the diaphragm of the audience. The format: three one-on-ones. And the audience decides who has shaken your diaphragm the most. Samson and Jesko lead through the event and determine the funniest contribution by applause. At the end of the evening, the audience is on the floor laughing, and one of the comedy slammers takes home the audience-voted triumph.

KEY VISUAL Comedy Slam
KEY VISUAL Comedy Slam © Kiezpoeten

What makes the Comedy Slam

Just like poetry slams, the focus here is on text and performance. The rules for the performers: 8 minutes time limit, no props, only self-written texts. And the audience decides who wins the evening. But unlike usual, there are only funny texts at the Comedy Slam Berlin: literature to laugh at.

What makes the Comedy Slam different from the usual stand-up show that populates the comedy clubs of Berlin? Here there is not just a string of jokes. Here there are continuous stories, narrations, poems and a bit of message. The whole variety of poetry slam. With the diaphragm shakers of comedians. Poetry slam meets stand-up.

Three invited slammers compete against each other: Each:r against each:n! After three one-on-one battles that brought tears of laughter to the eyes, two comedians remain in the competition. And the audience decides who can best combine the high art of literature with that of humor.
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Pfefferberg - Theater
Pfefferberg - Theater