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The Biosphäre Potsdam welcomes you with a special play of colors. Be impressed by countless shades of color and shapes in the animals and plants of the rainforest. Whether patterned foliage, decorative flowers or colorful iridescent animal inhabitants, autumn presents a special color explosion for the senses here.

"In the Biosphere Potsdam, animals and plants shine in all the colors of the rainbow, and their play of colors spreads good cheer in the dark season," says Stefanie Bracht-Schubert, the person responsible for the design of this year's exhibition.

Enjoy a short stroll through the abundance of colors and shapes and meanwhile solve the tropical riddle. You will receive the riddle sheet and a pen in the researcher room just before the entrance to the tropical garden. As a small reward for your puzzle skills you will receive a small gift afterwards.
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