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with Helena & The Sea (artist duo: Helena Ommert and Thesea Rigou)

Have you ever designed a notebook yourself and bound it as a book? You can use it to record your own thoughts and drawings. The artist duo Helena & The Sea will support you in the creative work and bring their own paper collection and tools for bookbinding.

Participants are invited to tell your own story in the notebook and create your own miniature exhibition in book form. In order to break up the individual work and enter into a silent exchange with other guests, the bound notebooks will be exchanged with each other. They are bound for an unknown person and drawn on the pages that someone else has selected and compiled.

Helena & The Sea (Helena Ommert and Thesea Rigou) are an artist duo from Berlin with extensive experience in the field of artistic and political education. In their garden studio, they have been working with natural and “more-than-human” processes and subjects since a long time. Their art is characterized by socio-ecological problems of our present and accompanied by theoretical and practical research.

Collecting, organizing, binding and sharing will also take place on 2.6. in the Waldraum.
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