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Remembering the murder of the last Sinti and Roma in Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1944

2 August 2023 marks the 79th anniversary of the murder of the last Sinti and Roma remaining in the Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp. SS members killed 4,300 people - mostly women, children and old people - in gas chambers on the night of 3 August 1944.

In commemoration of 2 August 1944, artists from the Sinti and Roma communities as well as from the network of the Coalition for Pluralistic Public Discourse (CPPD) will work on the biographies of murdered people and survivors of the genocide in literary, musical and performative contributions.

They refer to the temporary exhibition "Dynamic Memory Lab" by RomaTrial e. V. and CPPD on the topic of "Codes of Memory" of Sinti and Roma.

Please register by 28 July 2023 at tel. 030 - 26 39 43 0 or


Uwe Neumärker, Director of the Foundation Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Hamze Bytyçi, Curator of "Codes of Memory", Chairman of the Board RomaTrial e. V.

Artistic contributions
Dragan Cordes, Murat Dikenci, Daniel Gerzenberg, Dejan Jovanovic, Riah Knight, Kelly Laubinger, Janko Lauenberger, Damian Le Bas, Matilda Leko, Sharon Dodua Otoo, Lisa Smith, Julia Wissert, Danyang Zhao among others

Following the event, there will be an opportunity to lay flowers at the fountain of the memorial. Please bring one too! Many thanks.
Additional information
Booking: Please register by July 28, 2023 at

Tel. 030 - 26 39 43 0 or

is requested.