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Rousing rhythms - orchestral sound - energetic show. This is what the audience can expect from Cobario's new program Strings on Fire!. It's not uncommon to look for the orchestra - it's actually just the three musicians, Herwig Schaffner (violin), Peter Weiss (guitar) and Georg Aichberger (guitar), who make the stage shake and set off a top-class musical fireworks display.

The guitar strings glow, the violinist enchants with breathtaking virtuosity on the violin: with the energy of their compositions, the Viennese trio has been captivating audiences worldwide for years! The new, virtuoso show is a musical dance with fire. In the composition Avanti, the two guitarists duel with driving riffs and Spanish solos. The title song brings about the ultimate showdown - the stage shakes, the audience goes wild. Strings on Fire! offers an exceptional concert experience. String fire free!

The award-winning trio started as street musicians in Barcelona in 2006. Cobario were soon invited to festivals and then to concert halls in Europe, North America and Asia. The Viennese musicians have now given concerts in over 30 countries and thrilled audiences from New York to Hong Kong. Often just a few bars in the unusual line-up of violin and two guitars are enough to trigger a veritable explosion of images in your head.

The irresistible charm and infectious joy of playing with which the three thoroughbred musicians from Cobario bring everything to the stage make each of their concerts a pleasure.