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"Casablanca", "Der King vom Prenzlauer Berg", "Aus der Ferne", "Unter der Haut", "Glastraum", "Mir wird kalt dabei", "Wand an Wand", "Für immer jung", "Das Blut so laut" and last but not least "Am Fenster" - the songs of this band read like German rock history. They are treated as an institution, rock legend and cult band. But the musicians themselves are all about rock'n'roll and credibility, about big themes and little stories. We are talking about CITY, who celebrate their 50th birthday in 2022.

POSTER City Dirk Schmidt

Whether the early folk elements as in "Am Fenster", the striking keyboard sounds of the eighties or the minimalism of some songs of more recent date - every sound is unmistakably CITY. Their songs, which have already been covered by Max Herre, Scooter or Matthias Reim, still sparkle in amazing purity today, without the sharp ravages of time being able to scratch them.

What still holds true: CITY are not a bunch of old guys. They have preserved the fire of the early years. It would have been legitimate to rest on their early successes, even oldie bands can be happy. But that is not an option for CITY. There have been ups and downs in the band's history, but never standstill. They still stir up high emotional waves in the hearts of the fans of yesteryear and in the not at all few newly infected of the last years. Surely they have become more mature, but by no means quieter.

A special highlight was the concert on July 23, 2022 in the Berlin Parkbühne Wuhlheide with the Berlin Symphony Orchestra and guests. CITY accompanied by an orchestra - apart from the partial participation in the Ostrock Klassik events more than ten years ago - has never happened like this before!

There and at numerous, further concerts CITY reviewed 50 years, playing the big and small hits as well as their personal favorite songs. And they will remember their drummer Klaus Selmke, who passed away in May 2020, with whom they would have loved to cross the finish line together. His too-early death is undoubtedly the most autumnal blow in CITY history.

Despite all the euphoria about the planned birthday activities, there is also a downer. Both tour and album are called "Die letzte Runde" and it will be: CITY says goodbye to their fans and companions in their anniversary year. The very last CITY concert (and thus mandatory date) will take place on December 30, 2022 at the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin.

However, we will never forget CITY.
Once know this remains forever!

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