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The festive season is ushered in with a Christmas performance in the historic Peter Behrens Building. On December 16, 2023, the atrium of this architectural monument will become a stage: the choirs Tonkollektiv of HTW Berlin and Sing! Sing! from Oberschöneweide present the most beautiful Christmas carols and immerse the building in a festive atmosphere.

A good opportunity to experience the magic of Christmas in this historic setting before the Peter Behrens Building is closed for renovation work. The Peter Behrens Building in Berlin Oberschöneweide is an architectural masterpiece, whose atrium acts as the heart of the building. The space rises over four floors, infused with natural light from a high, daylight ceiling. The impressive room embodies the vision of architect Peter Behrens, who combined industrial production with elements of classical culture.

The arcades and arches are reminiscent of the elegance of the Italian Renaissance and were designed with monumental simplicity. The event “Christmas Magic in the Peter Behrens Building” promises a harmonious coming together of two choirs, where you can enjoy the flair of this unique place one last time before the Peter Behrens Building is extensively renovated from 2024.

From 3:00 p.m. the doors open and visitors can explore the atrium and get in the mood with pastries, waffles, mulled wine and children's punch. The concert starts at 4:00 p.m. and offers a nice selection of festive Christmas tunes.

The number of visitors is limited due to local conditions in the atrium.

Tickets are free and available from December 1, 2023!

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