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Chess for all ages, beginners and advanced

In the Mark-Twain library you can play chess every Saturday from 12-14 o'clock. Young and old, beginners and advanced - everyone is welcome! Chess boards, pieces and know-how are provided.

You learn to think ahead by playing. In the strategic game every move (every action) has a consequence and decides about victory or defeat. Chess players know how to learn from mistakes and how to decide the game by logical considerations despite disadvantages.

Goals of the promotion:

  • Get to know the basic rules
  • play chess together
  • Increase concentration
  • Learn chess openings
  • Peasant chains and their tactics
  • historical background
  • hand-eye coordination

  • positional play
  • Gambits and traps (chess tricks)
  • Tactics in the middle and final game
  • mat
  • Chess puzzle (position analysis)
  • FIDE chess rules
  • Preserve etiquette
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