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Summer has passed its peak, and so Chaos Royal, strengthened by the sun, once again competes against the improv veteran »The Gorillas« to play the best scenes, songs and stories in a theatrical competition.

The holidays may be over, but there are still the last crumbs of sand in your shoes - and so the two theater groups are dedicating this match to the art of improvisation for your summer 2023.

Who wins the favor of the audience? Who plays the hottest scenes? Who makes the other team sweat? And who will bring in the juiciest harvest?

Everything is possible, because everything is improvised and the audience determines the content: be it camping experiences as a horror film, the true feelings of sunscreen sung as a chanson or a »Knights of the Sandcastle« fantasy saga.

Your summer will be rekindled with a hot deluxe improtainment evening on the fully air-conditioned stage of the BKA Theater.

(Program in German)

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