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From Monday, August 7 to Thursday, August 31, 2023, the courtyard of the Stasi Headquarters. Campus for Democracy will once again become an open-air venue: The Campus Cinema will present films on history for four weeks. It is about the GDR past, the state security, adaptation and resistance, archives and enlightenment.

All films were produced after 1989 and focus on repression, revolution or coming to terms with the past.

They awaken memories or provide space for the questions of young people. At the historical location, in front of the scene of Stasi Minister Mielke's former official residence, it is possible to engage in a conversation about the topicality of the past.

The evening screenings start with short films or material from the Stasi archives. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to talk with filmmakers, experts and contemporary witnesses. There is also a varied supporting program with exhibitions, guided tours on the topic of the evening and a film and workshop program for children (on Saturdays).

Admission is free. Registration is not required.

All movies and documentaries:

  • 07.08. In einem Land, das es nicht mehr gibt, 100 Min., 2022 (with english subtitle)
  • 08.08. Stalin – Leben und Sterben eines Diktators, 60 Min., 2023
  • 10.08. 3 ½ Stunden, 95 Min., 2021
  • 14.08. Der Stich des Skorpions, 90 Min., 2004
  • 15.08. Die Familie, 92 Min., 2013
  • 17.08. Fair Play, 100 Min., 2014 (with english subtitle)
  • 21.08. Olaf Jagger, 95 Min., 2023
  • 22.08. Depeche Mode und die DDR, 89 Min., 2018
  • 24.08. Nebenan, 94 Min., 2021 (with english subtitle)
  • 28.08. Der Aufstand, 105 Min., 2003
  • 29.08. Kranke Geschäfte, 105 Min., 2019
  • 31.08. Rebellinnen - Fotografie. Underground. DDR., 88 Min., 2022
A cooperation of the Stasi Records Archive in the Federal Archives with the Berliner Aufarbeitungsbeauftragte, the Stasi Museum, Robert-Havemann-Gesellschaft, the UOKG e.V.

(Program in German)

Additional information
The visitor center of the "Stasi Headquarters. Campus for Democracy" in "House 22" is open daily from 10:00 - 18:00 (weekends 11:00 - 18:00). There you can borrow audio guides for the open-air exhibition in the courtyard, "Revolution and Fall of the Wall". Permanent exhibition on the Stasi documents archive "Insight into the Secret" open in "House 7". Both offers are free of charge. The Stasi Museum with original preserved offices of the leadership around Minister Erich Mielke in "House 1" is also open at these times. To purchase tickets, please visit

Educational Services

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Access to the campus is barrier-free. Barrier-free toilets are available in house 7.