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improvised Music at Kühlspot Social Club

Peter Van Huffel’s “Callisto” brings together an international mix of musicians who have all found common ground in the thriving music scene of Berlin Germany. The untraditionally bass-less jazz formation has been poignantly chosen to explore a new dimension in Van Huffel’s compositions.

This configuration of talented musicians and improvisers breathes new life and meaning into each one of these multifaceted musical explorations which seamlessly cross the line between jazz and the modern contemporary. Together these four musicians merge complex musical conception and thoroughly-developed composition with masterful free-form improvisation and tireless interplay. 


  • Peter Van Huffel - Baritone Saxophone, Effects, Compositions
  • Lina Allemano - Trumpet
  • Antonis Anissegos - Piano, Electronics
  • Joe Hertenstein - Drums