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Being BUCCI is a thing. Kids who sat in front of the TV in the noughties guzzling sodas and watching others on educational or long­distance trips, totally regular schmegular, know that. If you’re BUCCI, in 2024 you’ll say something like this in a depleted big city: I’m finally high culture, but the world is even shittier than before.

Or: UBER is like riding in a car­ riage: special. Or: I’m deeply seduced by my rich friends resting, sweetie. You know, every lavish party starts with an invite and they’re not for everyone, sorry not­sorry.

The new series BUCCI × ꒰(· ·)꒱ by Lynn Takeo Musiol identifies as a constant start­up movement that aims to navigate working class origins, various arts and identities by sheer force of desire. They’re hoping to have weird talks, DIY cosiness, ecological intimacies and the power of the butch cut.

From January onwards, Lynn Takeo Musiol will be speaking, reading and performing regularly with guests from the arts, science and society in the Schaubühne Studio.

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