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Brüning and Betancor have been bringing the German language to the tune for decades and their matrix on the stage with ME MY DID: jazz standards by Monk, Miles Davis, Billy Strayhorn, Annie Ross and others. Apart from love, self-reflection and celebrated autonomy, the selected standards deal with the night, the moon, the shadow and the unconscious side.

Brüning & Betancor

Translated into German and processed with attack, here is the night to day. Betancor's customized re-seals and complementary compositions are interpreted by jazz legend Ost Uschi Brüning, with Christian von der Goltz and Martin Klingeberg on piano, horn and trumpet. The four musicians roll over the canon with the result of a unique jazz-song project.

With Uschi Brüning (vocals), Susanne Betancor (lyrics, composition, vocals), Christian von der Goltz (piano) and Martin Klingeberg (baritone horn & trumpet).

(Program in German)

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