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Modernity in reconstruction

The Prussian Palaces and Gardens Foundation Berlin-Brandenburg (SPSG) is publishing an elaborate online exhibition on the Google Arts & Culture platform for the first time.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Stilbruch?

The presentation is dedicated to the role of modernism in the process of reconstructing Charlottenburg Palace. The focus is on the contemporary ceiling painting by the painter Hann Trier (1915-1999) from 1972 in the White Hall of the New Wing. This was preceded by many years of discussion about a possible reconstruction of the Baroque ceiling painting - created by the Prussian court painter Antoine Pesne (1683-1757). The exhibition provides a contribution to the reconstruction debate, which has been reignited since the fall of the Wall with building projects such as Berlin's Humboldt Forum or, most recently, the Parade Apartment in Dresden's Residence Palace.
Not only the new findings from archive materials from the 1940s to the 1970s and the discovery of the major designs for the ceiling painting provide an insight into the exciting period of reconstruction, but also interviews with contemporary witnesses.Freely selectable thematic focuses inform visitors to the online exhibition about the different approaches to war-damaged palaces in Berlin and the role of the former directors of the Administration of State Palaces and Gardens Berlin Margarete Kühn (1902-1995) and Martin Sperlich (1919-2003) in the reconstruction of Charlottenburg Palace. The various monument conservation approaches that were implemented in the palace are presented, and the handling of the lost ceiling paintings in particular is illuminated.

The lost ceiling painting by Antoine Pesne in the White Hall is brought into focus, as well as the long-standing, publicly conducted decision-making process on how to deal with this loss. Hann Trier and his many designs for the White Hall play a special role, but the designs for a possible reconstruction by Karl Manninger (1912-2002) are also presented. The effects of the debate about the ceiling painting in the White Hall on subsequent projects in Charlottenburg Palace and Hann Trier's art form the conclusion before the arc is drawn to the present: Personalities who deal with the subject theoretically or practically will give statements on the question: Modernism today in the preservation of monuments - an alternative?To complement the virtual presentation, a special exhibition will be shown in the New Wing of Charlottenburg Palace in 2022.
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