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Solo program with Martina Brandl

Martina Brandl writes her own texts. And this one 15 months before the premiere! Considering that a female elephant is pregnant for 22 months, that's not that long. Finally, something big is growing. A whole evening full of new songs and stories. And the almost two-year break from touring unexpectedly resulted in something even bigger!

The congenial art workshop Rosengarten/Brandl reinvented itself during the lockdown and after twelve years the comedian, singer and writer Brandl is finally going on tour again with the original line-up with her partner, the pianist, composer and arranger Martin Rosengarten. A little sensation!

Nevertheless, in the 10th solo program of the TV-famous cabaret award winner and best-selling author, there is no male bashing, body shaming, no apple carving mothers and no number about the last prostate check-up. Instead, Ms. Brandl plays the ukulele and thelevi, an instrument you've never seen before! Mr. Rosengarten is at the keys and loop machine. You will laugh, maybe even be touched every now and then, and watch as both of them effortlessly manage the balancing act between nonsense and social criticism, art and commerce.

If you've read this far and are wondering what the hell Thelevi are: Buy a ticket and you'll find out that cabaret doesn't have to be didactic and comedy can have depth!

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