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State Of Flight Tour

Their songs move between pop, classic folk and modern country. Their lyrics make hearts beat faster and the polyphonic vocals envelop each melody with a harmony that is second to none.

BOY & BEAR © Maclay Heriot

Boy & Bear is an Australian folk band that sees its roots in various genres. It's no wonder that the polyphonic front vocals thus slip into the folk pigeonhole only to a limited extent. Founded in 2009, when Australian indie music was experiencing an early peak, Boy & Bear grew from a solo project of songwriter Dave Hosking into a full-fledged music project.

The rather reserved Australians cite musical greats like the Americana supergroup of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and The Shins as their great idols. Their music oscillates somewhere between pop, instrumental solos, classic folk and drifting country. Yet the honesty in their every word is so omnipresent that while the melody still makes hearts beat faster, the story behind it rings between your ears for a long time to come.

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