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Chamber music

The concert with the Bolero Berlin ensemble will focus on Astor Piazzolla, who searched for a long time for his artistic destiny and finally found it in the music of his native Argentina.

Bolero Berlin
Bolero Berlin © Promo

Bolero Berlin:
  • Martin Stegner Viola
  • Manfred Preis clarinet and saxophone
  • Paulo Morello guitar
  • Raphael Haeger piano
  • Esko Laine double bass
  • Daniel "Topo" Gioia percussion

Performed works

Astor Piazzolla
María de Buenos Aires: Fuga y Misterio

Astor Piazzolla
Las cuatro estaciones porteñas: Verano porteño

George Gershwin

Carlos Gardel
El día que me quieras

Kurt Weill

Maurice Ravel
Valses nobles et sentimentales

Johann Sebastian Bach
Suite for violoncello solo No. 5 in C minor BWV 1011: 4th movement Sarabande

Nadia Boulanger
Three pieces for violoncello and piano: No. 1 Modéré

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Additional information
Participating artists
Johann Sebastian Bach (Komponist/in)
Nadia Boulanger (Komponist/in)
Carlos Gardel (Komponist/in)
George Gershwin (Komponist/in)
Astor Piazzolla (Komponist/in)
Maurice Ravel (Komponist/in)
Kurt Weill (Komponist/in)
Bolero Berlin
Daniel »Topo« Gioia
Esko Laine
Raphael Haeger
Paulo Morello
Manfred Preis
Martin Stegner
Philharmonie Berlin – Kammermusiksaal