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A homage to the Berlin nightlife of the roaring twenties

With live band, burlesque beauty dance, conférenicer, introductory dance course, casino, absinthe bar, vendors' vendors, photo studio and many other amusements and divertissements. It sparkles and glitters in the Bohème Sauvage, it crackles and trembles! Immerse yourself in Berlin's dazzling nightlife of the 1920s!

For more than 18 years, Else Edelstahl, the grande dame of the 1920s, has regularly invited bohemians and bon vivants from all over the world to dance on the volcano! Since then, their illustrious parties with up to 1000 guests have taken place regularly in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne.

The establishment, the Heimathafen Neukölln, has everything that is needed for a wild and wicked night: a beautiful ballroom with Art Nouveau elements and a balcony from 1874, a large stage with a red velvet curtain, and the foyer with a casino, photo studio and other amusements.

The notorious Mr. Piglet Johnson will lead you through the lavish ball night as your emcee. Also a guest: the burlesque beauty dancer Pepper Sparkles. Their unique and exquisite shows instantly transport the viewer into a fantastical world of wonder and are guaranteed to leave a dreamy, enraptured smile on their face.

Already at the entrance the guest receives 50 million Reichsmark. These can be gambled away in the casino area at the roulette table, at blackjack or poker. If you're lucky, you can have a rendez-vouz with the green fairy at the absinthe bar for 150 million Reichsmark. Cigars, cigarette holders, useful accessories or even rubber goods for fun afterwards and much more are available from the vendor's vendor.
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