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The second festival edition presents  the recent works of the nein9 community, highlighting on-going processes and practice-led investigations. Audiences are invited to participate in the research of everyday life - ways of being with, in, and through the world.

The festival also marks the expansion of nein9 through new members and bridges with international collectives, encouraging additional practitioners to encounter and join the community.

Blank Check Festival 2023 is fantasy, uncertainty, comedy, tragedy, resistance, depth, mythology, improvisation, liberation, utopia, ritual, and suggestion. The performers lean, tend,  fall, smash, sketch, distort, underline, clarify, question, create.

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Core members: Lena Klink, Omer Keinan, Raz Mantell, Ruby Frances Jones, Susanna Ylikoski

Extended members: Andrea Givannovich, Erika Kooki Filia, Useless Machines, Aha Kollektiva