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Panel discussion

The aim of the event is to critically examine the GDR's culture of remembrance of the last decades. What was successful, where are there deficits, what mistakes were made? Why is the GDR's coming to terms with the dictatorship understood by many East Germans as paternalism and an attack on East German identity?

Why are publications that call for a reassessment of GDR history so popular right now? Is there a connection between the rise of extremist, anti-democratic positions in East Germany and the glorification of the GDR past?

Dr. Jens Gieseke is head of the “Communism and Society” department at the Leibniz Center for Contemporary Historical Research in Potsdam. The focus of his research is the social history of the GDR and East Germany.

Anne Rabe is a playwright, screenwriter and essayist. In 2023 she published the novel "The Possibility of Happiness", which deals with coming to terms with the GDR as part of a family story.

Sabine Rennefanz is a journalist and author. She published several non-fiction books. In her bestseller "Eisenkinder", published in 2013, she writes about the lack of support and orientation of the transition generation. Her weekly Spiegel column "Neue Heimatkunde" deals with current political questions.

Dr. Stefan Wolle is a historian, journalist and scientific director of the GDR Museum in Berlin. One of his best-known works is "The ideal world of the dictatorship. Everyday life and rule in the GDR." Together with Dr. Ulrich Mählert, he organized the exhibition "Reappraisal. The GDR in the culture of remembrance”.

The evening's moderator is Dagmar Hovestädt. She heads the mediation and research department in the Federal Archives, Stasi Records Archive.

An event by the Stasi Records Archive in the Federal Archives in cooperation with the Robert Havemann Society as part of the Campus Forum.

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Venue: "Haus 22" - event hall on the 1st floor

(Program in German)
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