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The MICE & Travel Business Festival

The Berlin Business Festival of the MICE and TRAVEL industry is going into the third round. At this unique business festival, you will experience Berlin with all your senses and have the opportunity to meet new and well-known business partners, discover new things in the city or get personally inspired and educated.

BESTIVAL remains different from other classic industry events - a B2B festival that has its own rules, pushes boundaries, makes innovations visible, lives creativity, brings people together and remains true to itself. In a word: BERLIN.

It is the FREEDOM that prevails in this city and is defended again and again (today more than ever). It is the spirit of INNOVATION that is released by it and that gives us unique start-ups, great music as well as vegan restaurants. And it is the mentality of CHANGE that is found here like nowhere else. In short, it is the diversity of ideas, the simultaneity of events, high culture and underground. The trends are born here. And we show you where.

The BESTIVAL will once again focus on personal encounters and unique experiences that you can only have in Berlin.
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