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The star restaurant theNOname, which has just been awarded, is presenting an exclusive dinner edition for Berlin Pride Week. Two fascinating bondage performances by Dan Apus Monoceros accompany the 6-course menu specially created by Tim Tanneberger.

Bondage artist Dan Apus Monoceros shows two performances that express the special aesthetics of bondage art with dedication and craftsmanship. The rope artist and kink coach has been associated with the restaurant for a long time and knows how to combine the restaurant's motto - "no limits, no boundaries" - with the motto of the Berlin Pride Edition: simply captivating. The evening becomes an interplay of very different productions, which enable a special kind of experience.

"We want to show that bondage and culinary art have a lot in common," says Managing Director Janina Atmadi, "it will be a feast for the senses in every respect." For Tim Tanneberger, who enjoys creative freedom at theNOname, the evening is another opportunity to experiment with ideas and techniques.

Sarah Buchbinder has put together the right wine accompaniment. Non-alcoholic options also accompany the menu.

The six-course menu with accompanying drinks and coffee begins on July 18 at 7:00 p.m. Admission is from 6:30 p.m.

The guests are seated at mixed tables to create additional positive tension. New acquaintances enrich the evening. The outfits can be adapted to the occasion and be attractive
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