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Bernt's paintings emerge as drawings on paper, light and immediate. Just as mystical traditions combine the unity of opposites, Bernt's work plays with the ancient dance of contrasts. Here, viewers witness an unexpected yet harmonious meeting - Klee meets Picasso?

Benjamin Bernt's works continue to deal consistently with the depiction of abstract pictorial spaces into which figures insert themselves, dissolve or detach themselves.

With precisely set forms and lines, archaic basic types are captured that serve as stand-ins for certain themes. Besides human encounters and unpredictable situations, it is above all geometry and construction that interest him. His working method corresponds to a directing of chance, a controlling of the fleeting and the mapping of the unintended.

References from art history and literature, but also his own everyday absurdities and psychological sensitivities are an essential part of this process. With a great sense of apparent casualness, his works give an impressive sense of immediacy and sensual access, making them so special.
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