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As part of the Berlin Food Week, the well-known Food&Music event will take place again. Renowned international top DJs are teaming up with local trendy restaurants and chefs to bring mainly plant-based creative food to the plates this time.

Of course, there is the matching "sound pairing" - here it goes a little longer and louder than at other food events.

POP KUDAMM is a place for cultural diversity and exploration of future coexistence.

POP KUDAMM meets at the intersection of art, research, business, intellect and brand. Restaurants/chefs & DJs include

  • Dr. Motte with Steffen Sinzinger (Las Vegans)
  • Anja Schneider with Martin Müller (Oukan, SUPPA)
  • Heimlich Knüller with Calle / DLT Ronte (Katerschmaus)
  • Peter Schumann with Nikodemus Berger (Bonvivant)
  • Luna City Express with Kristof Mulack (BRLO
Additional information
Tickets are limited for 79 EUR incl. 5 course menu and party