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Symphony concert with Erina Yashima

Shakespeare's resonant language is eminently suitable for setting to music, and so it is hardly surprising that the great names of the musical world have literally pounced on his comedies, tragedies, sonnets and poems.

»Sein oder Nichtsein?« - Sinfoniekonzert mit Erina Yashima
»Sein oder Nichtsein?« - Sinfoniekonzert mit Erina Yashima Jan Windszus Photography

With Prokofiev and Shostakovich, two of the most important Russian composers of the 20th century each created special Hamlet settings: in 1964, Shostakovich provided a monumental soundtrack to the film adaptation by Russian director Grigori M. Kozintsev, which is still considered one of the most haunting Hamlet adaptations today - in 1938, Prokofiev created a suspenseful drama score. Both film and drama are based on the Hamlet adaptation by poet Boris Pasternak, later made famous by his novel Doctor Zhivago .

Erina Yashima and the orchestra of the Komische Oper Berlin span from Shostakovich and Prokofiev to Edward Elgar's tone poem Falstaff, which sets a tone-painting monument to the fun-loving knight from Shakespeare's Henry IV.

  • Dmitri D. Shostakovich [1906-1975] Film music for Hamlet op. 116 (excerpts) Hamlet, drama music op. 32 (excerpts)
  • SERGEI S. PROKOFIEV [1891-1953] Hamlet, incidental music op. 77 (excerpts)
  • Edward Elgar [1857-1938] Falstaff, Symphonic Study in C minor op. 68
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Erina Yashima (Dirigentin)
Es spielt das Orchester der Komischen Oper Berlin
Es spielt das Orchester der Komischen Oper Berlin.
Komische Oper Berlin