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How did Bach teach organ playing? Organ schools in the modern sense did not exist at that time. However, Bach formulated the following revealing sentence in his preface to the Organ Booklet: "In which instructions are given to a beginning organist to perform a chorale in all kinds of ways, and also to habilitate himself in the pedal studio, in which in such chorales contained therein the pedal is tractured completely obbligato. In honor of the Highest God alone, the most humble, to be instructed from it.

KMD Marcell Fladerer-Armbrecht an der Orgel
KMD Marcell Fladerer-Armbrecht an der Orgel © Domstift Brandenburg/Havel, © Sabrina Jung

One is indeed surprised at the level of difficulty Bach envisages for a "beginning organist," for the chorale arrangements are definitely technically difficult and require a profound musicality. But obviously Bach had not only averagely gifted organ-eleven in his care: presumably for his son Wilhelm Friedemann he composed the trio sonatas for study purposes (E-flat major, C minor).

With KMD Marcell Fladerer-Armbrecht on the organ.

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