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nadine gerspacher / johannes wieland / ben wright

paradise is a feeling - nadine gerspacher's preference is for dance theater, which is inspired by everyday life. as humans have done since the beginning of time, nadine gerspacher explores experiences of relationships, emotions, motivations, struggles and achievements through stories, in search of meaning and deeper truths.

she creates and brings to life characters who live in imaginative worlds full of absurdity, poetry and unfiltered physicality. grotesque moments full of humour, vulnerability and transformation are the hallmarks of her creations. Her physicality is characterized by a raw, powerful movement that goes hand in hand with a special attention to detail, especially the movement of the hands.

she plays with different textures, changing from light to thick, and her movement is a constant search for surprises. this is how every creation comes from the personal and collective essence of nadine and the participants. she enjoys getting to know the dancers and developing special roles for character work with them. the aim is to create a fertile group for creative work by promoting exchange, openness and diversity. nadine encourages spontaneity in the creative process. the play with contrasts and extreme, moving images as well as her cinematographic style are essential for her creations.

nadine promotes collaboration in the studio by offering the dancers the opportunity to actively participate in the creative process and to contribute their own knowledge and experience.

deadly trinity /// bǝɒblγ ɈɿiniɈγ - johannes wieland

never go back! never look back! never think back! you are the first protagonist of the constructed, amazing dream of now vs. the flowing memory of then vs. the exciting hope for the future. this deadly trinity is the architect of the dream you always wanted to dream - right? could be a calling! just to say it i am a passerby looking at an unleashed uncontrollable monster born from your psychological mess you left us all. I think you know what the silence is for, don't you?

a surrender to small humanity - ben wright

all living things are interwoven, the connection is sacred, and nothing or almost nothing is alien to the other - marcus aurelius. experiences are crucial for empathy and perception. wright's performance project seeks to enliven the senses and encourages moving together to explore what is perhaps most important - our interdependencies and relationships with one another and with a larger world of which we are a part. as a dance artist with over 30 years of experience, wright sees this collaborative project as an opportunity for participants to play, develop and discuss ideas that, when woven together, result in a new choreographic composition. wright will guide participants through task-based action and improvisational practices to encourage them to move together and thus develop a sense of connection with each other, with themselves and with the practice. wright's choreographic work has been described as poetic and physical, placing humanity and narrative at the heart of his practice. He is committed to creating an inclusive, supportive and generous space for participants to fully engage. he works with a non-assuming openness, is transparent in his thinking and observations and sees questions as a guide.

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