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Jewelery places, higher daughters and memorial plaques on increasing restrictions on Jewish life from 1933

A journey of discovery between KaDeWe and Bundesplatz. The Bavarian Quarter is an interesting mix of sparkling galmour and silent remembrance.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: art:berlin - Das bayerisches Viertel:
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Around 1900 Georg Haberland founded a new district in the city of Schöneberg at the gates of Berlin, in which the streets were given Bavarian names. The representative buildings, with large apartments, were intended to attract high-earning Berlin officials, doctors, lawyers and high-ranking military personnel to the then very trendy west of Berlin. It worked out and they came in abundance; including many Jewish Berliners.

In the 20s of the last century, among others, Erich Fromm, Albert Einstein, Giséle Freund, Lotte Laserstein and the director of "Some like it hot" Billy Wilder, who initially worked as a dancer in Berlin, lived here. You will hear numerous anecdotes. In the 3rd Reich numerous residents were expelled, deported and murdered. In addition to the stumbling blocks, there is a very successful permanent exhibition on the lampposts by Renata Stih and Frieder Schnock on behalf of the district.

It is called “Places of Remembrance in the Bavarian Quarter” and draws our attention everywhere to what was forbidden to the Jewish residents in everyday life over the course of time (1933-1945).The unique open-air exhibition on lampposts and numerous stumbling blocks provides information about the restrictions in daily life and the murder of the Jewish residents in the 3rd Reich. The quarter was badly damaged in World War II and some of it was rebuilt in keeping with the monument.

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