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Finissage & Open Workshop

In the context of our art salon, there is the opportunity to talk personally with those involved in the exhibition "Vergoldet".

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Kunstsalon Biesdorf
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At the end, objects that you have brought with you can be "gilded" with metal. We invite you to a picnic and exchange of ideas on the lawn of the Schlosspark.

Limited number of participants, please register by email to or by phone +49 30 55 28 89 13 (Fenia Franz).

"Open Workshop" events are hosted by fluent English speakers and can be run bilingually.

Duration: 3 hours
Additional information
free entry

Opening hours: 
daily 10 am - 18 pm 
fridays 12 am to 21 pm 
tuesdays closed


The Schloss Biesdorf Gallery is handicapped accessible.
Schloss Biesdorf