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And nothing is more funny than a comedy of old-fashioned style with everything that goes with it: corpses in the basement, corpses in the kitchen, many open and closed doors, chests and floor flaps. Staircases, stairs and angles.

Family is hell. Province is hell. Joseph Kesselring's arsenic and lace caps is about a family in the province. Personage includes, among others, the two charming old ladies Abby and Martha Brewster, her psychologically slightly disoriented nephew Teddy the frustrated theatre critic Mortimer, two professional murderers, a late girl, a village priest and all of them are somehow  related to each other.

The plot of this classic of black humor is essentially that a lot of people try to maneuver a lot of corpses through a house without letting them know each other.

The arsenic does not frighten the spectator, it is the lace hats that amuse him with fear. For the creepy is not the murderous deeds, but the horrific normality and conventionalism of the perpetrators, the horror of petit-bourgeois manageability and what lies behind it. Nothing can be more frightening than a well-kept front garden. Nothing hides more than a neat facade.

(Program in German)

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Additional information
Participating artists
Wolfgang Rumpf (Regie)
Joseph Kesselring (Autor/in)
Vera Müller (Martha Brewster)
Anette Felber (Abby Brewster)
Jutta Schröder (Martha Brewster)
Sascha Gluth (Jonathan Brewster)
Dejan Brkic (Teddy Brewster)
Wesselin Georgiew (Dr. Einstein)
Mattis Nolte (Brophy)
Klaus Rätsch (Teddy Brewster)
Matti Wien (Mortimer Brewster)
André Zimmermann (Mortimer Brewster)
Joachim Kaps (Jonathan Brewster)
Gundula Piepenbring (Elaine Harper)
Peter Groeger (Dr. Einstein)
Jany Maria (Elaine Harper)
Melzer Gert (Dr. Harper)
Gert Melzer (O`Hara)
Gert Melzer (Mr. Gibbs)
Gert Melzer (Mr. Witherspoon)
Altorimianos Alexander (Brophy)
Silvio Hildebrandt (Leutnant Rooney)