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CD release concert

In their new program "Heimatlose Lieder" (Homeless Songs), AQUABELLA deals with languages that are in danger of being forgotten, with songs from countries that no longer exist, with songs of people who have become homeless or feel homeless, and also with songs that seem to be at home everywhere.

AQUABELLA © A. Hartung

They sing about the hopes and longings of people, deal with their very own questions: Where do I come from? Where do I belong? which can be found in all peoples at all times.

AQUABELLA interprets, among other things, the song "Im nin alu", made famous by Ofra Haza; a Hebrew poem written in the 17th century, which is still sung today by the remaining Yemenite Jews as a hopeful song at weddings. They let us participate in the world of the Roma (translated means rom = man), who are at home everywhere and nowhere in the world, or they bring songs to the ears that are traveling worldwide, like the song "Helele", which has traveled once around the globe due to the 2006 World Cup. In 2018 they were on the road in Taiwan, teaching the "Vox Nativa" a choir of the Bunun people and consequently have two wonderful songs of this and the Ami people new in the program.

AQUABELLA also confronts its own homeland feeling and that in usual ironic way. Thus the hit "Farbfilm" by Nina Hagen, which has become famous beyond the borders of the GDR, becomes part of their search for traces. They simply look around the next street corner in Berlin and into hidden niches of the world to discover common ground.