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Yevgeniy Breyger & Lyuba Yakimchuk

“All my family connections are now on the phone / all my family connections are now bugged,” writes Lyuba Yakimchuk (born 1985 in Pervomaysk near Luhansk), one of the most renowned young poets in Ukraine.

Her widely acclaimed volume, Abrykosy Donbasu (Vydavnytstvo Staroho Leva 2015), Apricots from Donbass, was published shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014.

Yakimchuk's poems start where language is confronted with war and violence, where words fall apart and ask for another meaning: "What kind of language do we have - / we don't have the words to express our feelings / only crises remain and love / like antonyms". Yevgeniy Breyger's (born 1989 in Kharkiv) collection of poems Peace Without War (kookbooks 2023) begins with the sentence: "After this line, war breaks out".

With breathless urgency, Breyger condenses the history and present of his Jewish-Ukrainian family, circling the date of February 24th, calling for committed solidarity towards Ukraine: “There is a war inside me that wants to pull me / but pulls others / and I think just me / think".

The event will be interpreted from Ukrainian into German.

In reading and discussion: Yevgeniy Breyger | Lyuba Yakimchuk
Moderator: Irina Bondas
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