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After the legendary concert for his fiftieth birthday, Wenzel is finally coming back to the Freilichtbühne Weißensee with a large band line-up.

Wenzel is an author, composer, musician, singer, actor and director. Tours have taken him through France, Austria, America, Nicaragua, Cuba, Turkey, and more. Wenzel has been on stage with Arlo Guthrie, Randy Newman, Billy Bragg, Konstantin Wecker and many other musicians. Wenzel has survived honours ranging from the GOLDEN AMIGA, the Heinrich Heine Prize to the German Cabaret Prize, the German Record Critics' Prize (eight times), as well as the Liederbestenliste Prize.

Direction: Wenzel & Band

  • Wenzel: vocals, guitar, accordion, piano
  • Hannes Scheffler: guitars, bass
  • Thommy Krawallo: Guitars, Bass
  • Stefan Dohanetz: drums, percussion
  • Manuel Abreu: Trumpet

Date: Thursday 31.08.2023
Time: 18:30

Place: Open Air Stage Weißensee, Big Stage
Große Seestraße 10, 13086 Berlin

Tickets: 28,00 € - 35,00 €

The documentary film about him "Wenzel - Glaubt nie, was ich singe" will be shown on 03.08. on the small stage.

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