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A visit for the curious without children

The Jewish Museum Berlin has created a place for our youngest guests in the former Blumengroßmarkthalle: Children between the ages of three and ten. ANOHA is dedicated to the story of Noah's Ark from the Torah.

The little visitors go on a discovery tour, try things out and play. Since the rule here is: children come only when accompanied by adults and adults only when accompanied by children, there is also an offer for adults without children.

The tour includes a look at the Ark's impressive wooden structure, designed by the U.S. firm Olson Kundig, Architecture and Design.

The 150 animal sculptures designed by several artists are also a highlight of the exhibition. Questions about the Noah's Ark story, which Judaism, Christianity and Islam share, are answered, as are questions about the mediation concept and the sustainable and innovative construction method of ANOHA.

(Program in German)
Additional information
Price information: To participate in the tour, it is necessary to book a free ticket. This is available a few days in advance on the Museum Sunday website.

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