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Annie Hamilton made her debut with "the future is here but it feels kinda like the past" and has been celebrated by fans and praised by critics to the skies ever since. On her debut work, the artist sings about small human moments full of contradiction and duality.

Annie Hamilton covers a wide range of emotions and is also musically diverse. Genre boundaries are not a hurdle for the Australian. She switches between styles with grace and always stays true to her psychedelic indie pop.

Artists such as Julia Jacklin, Jack River or Lime Cordiale had their shows opened by the talented musician.

Now Annie Hamilton is coming to Berlin for a concert as part of her first tour of Germany in mid-September.

As part of a co-headline show, she will share the stage with sisters Lily and Grace Richardson. Under the name Clews, the siblings have been making sugar-sweet grunge since 2018, characterized by sumptuous harmonies and iconic songwriting.

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