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Music from Anatolia and neighbouring regions, interpreted in classical style.

The Anadolu Quartet is a string quartet that interprets music from Anatolia and neighbouring regions in a classical style.
In their programme "Tales Not Told", the four musicians work together with the illustrator Ernesto Lucas Herrera Orta and the presenter and singer Gamze Karaca.

The 90-minute programme presents and explains pieces by persecuted, forgotten or unknown composers and ethnic groups.

The artists' drawings are displayed live on the wall. This concert series, funded by the Berlin Senate for Culture and Social Cohesion Programme, is also suitable for people with visual impairments thanks to the moderation.

Ahmet Tirgil - violin, Dorothée Royez - violin, Theresa Burggaller - viola, Zeynep Akdil - cello, Karaca Ganze - vocals, moderation, narration,

Ernesto Lucas Herrera Orta - live drawing

Admission: Free admission | donation

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