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Join us for a night of comedy filled with performers who are almost, very, nearly special.

The world is filled with the nearly-theres and the Berlin English
Comedy Scene is no exception. This show presents you with a series of
comedians who believe that they are very nearly on the edge of something
special, the pre-comedy cellar crowd!

Are they right or just knee-deep in the heady waters of delusion? You decide!

This is an English-Speaking donation-based show so entry is free but we recommend you reserve a space as seating is limited and tends to fill up before the show.

So book now and come bear witness to something probably, totally, most likely Almost Special!

★★ DOORS 7:30 PM, SHOW STARTS 8:00 PM - In English!★★

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800A, Stettiner Str. 19, 13357 Berlin.


Free entry show with donation at the end.